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Flap discs are enjoying growing popularity. There are many reasons for this: flap discs are more flexible than other grinding wheels, offer a much greater working comfort and impress with high performance and lifetime. At TYROLIT we have developed the right flap discs for every application and requirement. You can choose your preferred flap disc according to the diameter and shape you need and the material of the workpiece.

For example there are countless ways of processing your workpiece with our LONGLIFE Steel flap discs, CERABOND Inox flap discs and PREMIUM*** flap discs for non-ferrous metals.

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PREMIUM*** Longlife for steel




Unparalleled performance

The newly developed high-tech zircon fabric enables outstanding removal results with the longest lifetime.



The innovative natural fibre core is completely free of fibre glass and therefore reduces the environmental load.


Great savings potential

100% use of the disc is guaranteed through simple trimming.


PREMIUM*** Cerabond flap disc for stainless steel





Enhanced abrasiveness

A new, wider PREMIUM cloth and the CERABOND bond system offer high stock removal on the workpiece.


Longer lifetime

The unique bond system prevents premature grain break-out and leads to a long lifetime for the product.


Enhanced economic efficiency

Thanks to the self-sharpening ceramic grain, the CERABOND flap disc is also ideal for demanding grinding jobs.


PREMIUM*** for non-ferrous metals





Reduced costs

Reduces the need for disc changes by preventing clogging during machining of NF metals.


Enhanced abrasiveness

The abrasiveness of this flap disc is enhanced by the supply of ceramic grain.


Consistent performance

The mixture of different abrasive grains prevents clogging of the disc.