More comfort, less stress.
TYROLIT Comfort Start.


With innovative Comfort Start technology, we bring our grinding expertise into your everyday working life. Available now for all rough grinding wheels within our range.


Users of our PREMIUM*** rough grinding wheels have been enjoying the advantages of the TYROLIT Comfort Start edge since 2014. The overwhelming amount of positive feedback from customers has now compelled us to extend this technology to our entire range of rough grinding wheels. Therefore, all STANDARD** and BASIC* rough grinding wheels are now also available with TYROLIT Comfort Start technology. For comfortable, safe working in any situation. Innovative TYROLIT Comfort Start technology is now available on all rough grinding wheels in all quality lines.




TYROLIT Comfort Start technology

With Comfort Start, we present innovative technology that aims to significantly improve comfort for all grinding applications. The specially bevelled edge prevents the tool from plunging in when you start grinding. This saves the workpiece from irreparable damage and completely eliminates the need for time-consuming reworking.

Experience Comfort Start for yourself

See for yourself how well our products with Comfort Start perform and put our new STANDARD** rough grinding wheel for steel to the test now! Available as a free sample pack from qualified specialist retailers in dimensions 115 x 6 mm and 125 x 6 mm.

STANDARD** rough grinding wheel for steel

The STANDARD** rough grinding wheel for steel is a powerful rough grinding wheel for surface and edge grinding. It boasts a lifetime 25% longer than the predecessor wheel while retaining its cutting ability, and even with low pressure it is abrasive and comfortable to handle. Advantages of the STANDARD** rough grinding wheel for steel:

Performance enhanced by +25%

Greater cost efficiency

Long lifetime

Make the most of this opportunity and have a look at our complete range of rough grinding wheels to suit most requirements and materials.