40% more performance for 100% more satisfaction.

The benchmark for demanding cut-off applications is now even better than ever. Complete range of cut-off wheels now available from specialist retailers.

How did we make something good even better? It's simple: you take something tried and tested and continually improve it. That is precisely what we at TYROLIT have done with our Cerabond system cut-off wheels, which were launched into the market as PREMIUM*** products in 2013. Since then the Cerabond product line has been further enhanced and more fields of application added.

In 2017, we are presenting a thoroughly revised range of Cerabond system cut-off wheels which, with a performance enhancement of up to 40% over their predecessors, ensure a considerably improved level of working comfort.


The TYROLIT Cerabond system

The Cerabond system combines the advantages of an easy-cutting ceramic grain with our 100 years of experience in manufacturing market-leading bond systems. Thanks to the perfectly harmonised grain/bond combination, premature grain break-out is prevented even for demanding cut-off and grinding applications.

This results in increased tool abrasiveness and a considerable increase in performance compared with conventional PREMIUM*** tools without Cerabond technology. The Cerabond system enables optimum bonding of the ceramic grain, even under heavy strain over longer periods:

1. Before grinding

2. With a standard bond it is not possible to thoroughly bind the hard a brittle grain.

3. Cerabond technology enables optimum bonding of the ceramic grain.

Test the Cerabond system for yourself

See for yourself how well our Cerabond system cut-off wheels work and put our new PREMIUM*** Cerabond 2-in-1 cut-off wheel to the test now. Available as a free sample pack from qualified specialist retailers in dimensions 115x2 mm and 125x2 mm.

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PREMIUM** Cerabond 2-in-1 cut-off wheel

The Cerabond 2-in-1 cut-off wheel for steel and stainless steel is particularly suitable for the machining of extremely hard and sophisticated workpieces and solid materials. The products boast a performance enhancement of up to 40% over their predecessors..

Performance enhanced by up to +40%

Shorter working processes

Increased productivity

Make the most of this opportunity and have a look at our complete range of cut-off wheels to suit most requirements and materials.